The Great Lifestyle Brands Awards has been created to identify the most creative marketing communication initiatives in certain product groups.
Entries will be accepted only for these groups. The scope of the Awards may be expanded with time.
Entries will be open to consumer brands (via marketers and agencies).

Entry Guidelines

A brand can participate in the product group to which it belongs.

In that product group it has a choice of entering its work in any or all of four categories:

Mainstream Media
Social Media
Visual Merchandising

A brand may make more than one entry in the same category.

If the entry is being made by an agency, it must be accompanied by the client’s approval.

All work entered should have been released or viewed by the target consumers between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019.

Important: Before making an entry

Entries to the Great Lifestyle Brands Awards will be judged against other brands in the same product group.

However, there is a spin.
Based on its overall performance where each Gold fetches 3 points and a Silver 2 points (there is no Bronze), a brand will become automatically eligible for a special title.

To become eligible, before making entries a brand will have to choose for itself between five universally accepted Brand Personality types (for the curious, as identified by sociologist Jennifer Aaker in 1997). The jury will review all marketing communication on the basis of the kind of personality the lifestyle brand wants to project: Sincere, Exciting, Competent, Sophisticated or Rugged.

The brand which gets the highest tally of wins in its chosen personality type across product groups will win the highest title of all (there is no separate entry fee for this):

• The Most Sincere Brand of the Year
• The Most Exciting Brand of the Year
• The Most Sophisticated Brand of the Year
• The Most Competent Brand of the Year
• The Most Rugged Brand of the Year
To repeat, there is no entry fee for these special awards; brands which enter the Great Lifestyle Brands Awards automatically become eligible.

Mode of Payment

The payment can be made online by credit/debit cards, net banking or via cheques.

Please make your Crossed Cheque or Bank Draft payable to "Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd" in INR only, and mail the same at Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd, B-3, Ground Floor, Sector 4, Noida 201301.

The entry will be considered accepted only when the entry fees has reached us (in case of net banking and cheques) For pricing details, kindly visit the Registration page.


The decision of the jury will be final and binding.